We’ve Got Soul


My soul hurts and so a hand kills me,

What hand you may ask?

The hand that feeds me,

As you hide behind your mask,

Say with your mouth what is in your heart,

But do not talk, listen or do anything vain,

Purge your rusted heart,

Now the pain will stop flowing from your vein,

You reap what you sew,

So let me let you know,

You only get what you deserve,

Don’t try to bend around the rules like a curve,

I’m giving people life lessons like I was foretold, 
I’m really too young to be feeling this old,

Now the truth is lost, and it won’t be found,
I’m buried underneath all the lies, I’m deep underground,

I’m frozen down to my core,

As my pride drops down onto the floor,

I heard them in the dark saying ‘open up your eyes,
people don’t appreciate, when are you going to realise?’

Life’s full of stress, it wasn’t supposed to be easy,
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing you need me,


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