Soul Searching

How would you feel if your soul was taken away from you? At first, people would panic if asked. They would be worried, scared “oh no! Where has my soul gone?” But when asked to describe what a soul is several people struggle to answer and all you’ll get is silence. Well that and a whole bunch of people with confused looks on their faces. But what if someone asked you what a soul is? Or where is a person’s soul? Would you be able to answer?

All that I would be able to say is I can’t describe it; all I can do is tell you what I know about it or what I feel about it. I would say it’s what everyone is looking for on this planet. I would say if it were to be sold, it would be sold for trillions and trillions more than what has ever been made. I would say if you found your soul then you are the luckiest person. Why? Because finding ones soul means to be true to ones self entirely. Because I believe for you to find your soul, it would be like finding your other half. It would be as if your world is complete, as if you yourself are complete. As if the skies and the heavens have met. As if you didn’t have any worries, troubles or problems in your life. Now wouldn’t that be perfect? Soul searching. Our ancestors and fore fathers all exhaustedly searched for it- to be at peace with oneself, but when is one truly at peace besides when one is dead?

Everyone is trying to find the place where they are happiest at, peaceful, calm, no worries in their head. That is where your soul is waiting for you at. A place where you feel comfortable, where you feel complete, where you feel so connected with yourself that no amount of force could disconnect you. Nothing would be able to split you apart. In my opinion this place isn’t somewhere you can physically be at, unless I would’ve already walked to the ends of this earth and back, but a place where you can mentally obtain this remarkable feat. A place where you like yourself for who you are, a place where you’re not judged by the way you look, where you’re from or the mistakes you’ve made. A place where you can look at yourself in a mirror and be proud of who you are and what you’ve done. I continue to “soul search”.


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