Women Rule?







What if women ruled the world?

A few decades back and people would’ve laughed at such a question. But now people would say ‘just give it sometime’ because it’s already started and you’re late if you haven’t noticed. Female Prime Ministers are everywhere now. Australia recently had its first female prime minister and Brazil is considering the first female president to be elected.

So I’ll ask again, what if women really did rule the world? What would it look like? Would there be such things as poverty, war or hatred? Would it be peaceful, pink and glamorous? The main question I would ask though would have to be this: – would it be any different than the way men have ruled it?

Men have always been stereotyped into being the strong, the wise, the all knowing while women have been pushed down into a different category of being petite, fragile and in need of protection. So I truly wonder how the world would look like now if, in man kinds first days, the tables were turned. Perhaps they would have turned that word into woman kind first but all jokes aside in my opinion I would say it would be just about the same. Shocked? I’m not surprised that you’re shocked but it’s what I believe and here is why, I think that man kind would have made the same mistakes regardless of the gender. I say if women were put into our position, the world would be more or less the same, maybe shopping would cost less but that’s just about it.

I believe we’ve all been through our different set of experiences of pain, wonder and joy but in the end of the day that’s what makes us so similar and connects us to each other. In the end of the day that different world would be so similar to ours that one may not even be able to say the differences like identifying identical twins. In the end of the day that world would be the just the same as this world.


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