Imagine you’re at a supermarket. You carefully observe people running back and forth. This supposedly huge area seems to get smaller and smaller by the second as people pour in from every direction, yet you can still see through the over crowded paths a few people, bits here and there, scattered around at random, who stand still, staring, seemingly at empty space. Trying to decide what they want, while the others appear to grasp everything they can set their eyes on. But what makes these groups of people so indecisive of what they want? Is it because they’re uncertain? Fussy? Control freaks who want things the way they want them to be? Or is it because they are cautious and do not want to make the wrong choice? Possibly scared and/or worried? But why worry? Why should you care whether you chose mayonnaise over ketchup? Why should you be so concerned about the way you look or the way you dress? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying go out looking like a clown or as dirty as a pig, you should care about these things but not to the extent as most people do nowadays and go paranoid about it though. People should enjoy themselves but at the same still be able to control their lives.

These days, people worry too much about the little things that they forget to looks at the big picture. I say to hell with life’s many little problems. I say forget about today’s crazy, stressful life. I say instead of worrying so much about such pitiful things we should be enjoying ourselves. I say we should let loose and just go with the flow in life. I believe in destiny and that everything happens for a reason, so in my opinion life has got different plans for us and we should just accept it instead of fighting it. People should live life instead of worrying about its problems unless we’d be stuck in an endless cycle of troubles and difficulties. Go on. Go out there and free yourself.

Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify.
                                         -Henry David Thoreau


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