The Power Of Thought

Life_05.jpg Life is fragile image wichelspaintings

Life’s got other plans for me and I’m starting to think I should go with the flow;

Because everything I’ve been doing looks like it’s set to blow;

I can’t control it, so I rather let go;

I’m sitting here thinking is there something I should know;

I’m trying to run away from all the glitz and the glamour;

I see beauty in imperfection, that’s my kind of manner;

Where’s your dignity? Your self-respect?

People walk around like they carry an ‘S’ on their chest;

Joy wouldn’t feel so good, if it weren’t for pain;

Now watch it pour over you, like it was rain;

Stop thinking about revenge, there’s nothing to gain;

Love is on our mind, but hate is on our lips;

Your life’s walking on ice; let’s watch it as it slips;

I’ve got a lot to say, but it’s my silence that speaks;

Follow my actions; its peace of mind that it seeks;

Hypocrisy takes over ones mind;

Makes searching for ones soul hard to find;

Is it just me? Or are we careless sometimes?

Let’s see what we’ve got left in this world, just a couple ‘a dimes?


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