Love, Hate

This question once came up in our 1st language english class-“Why is it so easy for people to write poems about love or hate?”

Turn on the radio and your bound to hear a song about love, the depression after breaking up or even the whole ‘getting over people’ phase.  Just about every musician/artist has at the very least one song of these three. But why? Why do most of them write about love or even depression? Is it because it’s easy?

In my opinion everybody can write about it because not only does everyone experience it but in addition to that, we have this moment of several mixed emotions. It’s at that moment that we have a feeling of being on top of the world, or way down below it.

When you write about these two main emotions, happiness or depression, everything that you’ve been through, every single thought thats has crossed your mind is put onto that peice of paper. It’s this critical thinking and your mixed emotions that makes the poems/songs so good. Your putting every single bit of you into that paper, concentrating on that emotion and nothing else.

In my opinion though it’s also because when you’re feeling these two very different emotions, love and depression, you tend to be blinded by anything else that goes on, giving your poem/writing emotions that are so pure that makes it great. It’s at the time that you’re at the high point or low point that you can write so much about because there’s so much going on in your head. 

Some people have the rare talent of being able to concentrate on certain emotions and write only about them or gather the emotions, or can even (my personal favourite) contrast the emotions/situations. Such talents differentiate great works of lyrics from the others. For me it’s simply, pure emotions=extraordinary poems.


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