Into The Heart Of East Africa(Day2)

Wake up, hazed, showers, head downstairs for breakfast. Soon we’re off to Lake Nakuru National Park. On the way several clusters of houses and supermarkets can be seen. Now we begin to see the Kenyan side we expected to see. Beautiful savannahs surround us as perfectly curved mountains surround them. Dark blue clouds appear like magic just above it. From the gold grains of sand, magnificent emerald trees seemed to have been sprinkled here and there. Our minibus climbs higher and higher towards Kenya’s glistening skies. My day-dreams are interrupted as we arrive at a quick stop at the Great Rift Valley. Over here, we’re really high up and can see the massive valley they talk about. Definitely “Great”. A few pictures later and we’re crammed into one of the shops in the area. Bracelets, necklaces made from a shiny special Kenyan stone called malachite, small marble animals, masks and paintings fill the shop from one corner to the other. After ‘bargaining’ (I’m not so good at that, therefore the use of ‘’) and buying our items, we hit the road again. I-pod headphones in, we continue our journey to the Sarova Lion hill lodge located near Lake Nakuru.

Another stop in between, we’re taken to a small boat, where we will go on a short water ride to see a few hippos. We’re dropped off at another piece of land to take a walk around to take a closer look at zebras, wildebeest and antelopes. It’s very reviving to see these beauteous animals at such a close range. Moving on, we’re back into the boat for a small special show. The boat drivers each have a fish, an eagle couple is spotted and the fish are thrown into the water as we watch the eagles swiftly sway into it and catch their food. Back onto dry land we’re in our own minibus. A few raindrops hit my window, as if it were teasing me, then a shower of rain follows it shortly after.

Pic. Of The Century

We arrive at the lodge just in time for lunch, now it’s only a slight drizzle. After some potatoes and steak, we drag our luggage to our rooms and are back down to the lobby. Sadly enough, we’re informed because of the drizzle a safari at such a time would be useless. Nevertheless, some of us decide to at the very least hop into the ride for a peek into the places we would be on our way to the next day. It’s cold and foggy. Not much is seen, as all the animals are hiding, just a few baboons jumping from tree to tree as we pass by. Most of that short trip was spent talking to each other, listening to music and learning a few interesting facts from our guide. Back in the lodge, we have dinner and quickly gather into Neiha’s room for a few card games, well, actually a lot of time is spent on that, the whole night in fact but a lot of jokes and giggles later I can see the trip as worth it already. Time is racing and everyone’s soon back in their own lodges (Ramin, Paolo and I happen to be in the lodge ‘69 Palay’) for a much-needed rest.


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