Into The Heart Of East Africa-Kenya(Day 3)

Today, we’re woken up slightly earlier; to be honest I was too tired to care about what we were going to do, but after a cup of hot chocolate at 6 am on a cold, foggy day, the tables turn and I’m looking forward to it. Packed into our vans we’re on our way for an early morning safari that lasts two hours. The sun has just risen and the misty fog creates unique beauty in the savannahs. The many different species of animals are awake early; nibbling on grass, zebras, deers, and a random lonely rhino gather on the same grass plains, peacefully together. Baboons wistfully cleaning each other high up in the blooming-green trees, what’s not to like?

I feel like I’m in ‘Lion King’. The circle of life. We drive on through the bumpy, muddy, snake-like paths. Soon enough, we arrive at the actual Lake Nakuru (not the lodge we were in). Pink and white is all I can see. Millions of them, pelicans and flamingos everywhere are squawking and flying around at random. Bathing in the middle of them were three wildebeest with bright blue birds sitting on their horns; the three musketeers. We’re allowed out of our mini-bus to get a closer look, the sun is shining bright through the clouds now and we begin to warm up again. A few hundred pictures later and we’re back in the lodge for a quick breakfast.

Soon enough we’re on the road again on our way to leave a mark in Kenya’s grasslands-we get to plant trees. On our way there I was thinking to myself “Alright, cool, we get to put some seeds in some soil and leave”, but, this wasn’t the case. We arrive at the area were we get to plant the trees. The sign says it’s a reforestation project, turns out there’s labor work in store for us. We’re given a shovel-looking thing and we are allowed to hack away deep into the soil to plant our little tree. Some places have already been dug but I rather do like some of the others and make my own. After we’re done with our little green movement, we’re back in the lodge for a quick dip in the pool. Hungry for some food, we’re at the hotel restaurant for lunch.

Paolo’s random reaction behind me=EPIC!

 Afterwards, we’re scheduled for a different type of safari; we’re off to see the big boys-carnivorous predators. At this time, the animals aren’t making as much noise, it’s a little more quite, not complaining though it’s a good thing after a long day. We’re wading our way through when we get to see the hyenas running after each, within minutes they disappear into the trees. The sun begins to set and we soak in the last few minutes of the suns rays. On our way back we manage to spot some tree-climbing lionesses. To be honest, I never knew their was such a thing as tree-climbing lionesses, I just thought the lions lazed around most of the time until it was dark while the lionesses caught prey all day to bring back to the cubs(thank national geographic for the information).

Either way, it was an amazing experience; we’re back at the lodge for an event where they would have the traditional African dances of the tribes. Dressed in lion and goat skin they hop and jump around, singing in their native tongue. A few dances later and the announcer says that their last dance would need some audience participation. Neiha, Ramin and Courtney try their best to keep up with the dancers. A few laughs later and we’re having dinner. A man from the hotel comes to our table with his acoustic guitar and announces that he’ll sing and play what ever song we ask of him to. “Buffalo soldier” is what I ask him to play and soon enough he’s struck the chords. He’s amazing, “Hotel California” is up next, the man says he’s not sure how to play it and that he’ll “try”. Within seconds he’s already got it right and plays an even better version of it, singing joyfully along. Later, I’m slumped on my bed that seems like heaven to me at the moment.   


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