Into The Heart Of East Africa-Kenya(Day 4)

After getting a taste of Kenya’s wildlife, we regretfully have to leave on a grueling six hour drive (I HATE long drives) to reach our next hotel as well as the area our next two days activities will take place at. Masai Mara Sarova Luxury tented camp-that’s where we’re heading to and when you’re in a mini-bus and you’ve got a six hour drive on the bumpiest roads possible, you’re definitely looking forward to a bed but after the events that take place I realise I would go back and forth if I had to get there.

Moving on, on the way there, we pass by several little villages, not the image you get in your mind when someone says village and you think of huts and cows, but the kind of village that looks like really small towns, dispersed at random locations. we would never see the massive, metallic buildings that we would see in Dubai as well as the many colours that the glorious villas had; just grey buildings…not even buildings, more like square block shaped- single floored houses or shops.

The clouds disappear as well as the cold that accompanied it like a loyal dog followed its master, and soon enough the strange weather is back to being hot again. We finally arrive at the camp just in time for lunch; another buffet, just perfect. Soon enough we’re back in our vans for a safari, this time we get to see slightly different animals. This park is much bigger, animals are more spread out, and you really feel like your in the wilderness; it’s wonderful, magical, beautiful. The golden grass has a few shades of green sprinkled in different locations, a couple of bushes are distributed arbitrarily and glitter in the orange sun. An ostrich couple walk by as slowly as they can as if they were posing for the camera, pick at the grass, and continue on their way. The sun begins to set; the clouds gather once again as the suns rays try to break through them it creates a metallic colour but one produced by nature, a heavenly one. A cheetah is spotted (check out that pun) with her two tiny cubs on the verge of life’s many experiences. Elephants slowly tread onwards in their herds, pushing their little ones to the front. My eyes soak in this natural peaceful beauty and I can’t help but wonder, is this real? Just before we move back to the camp we get to see a pack of lions. Even though some of them are munching on some buffalo they still don’t seem threatening, the cubs jump on each other and roll around like kittens and the lionesses and lions are lazily sleeping. It’s getting dark, and we move on back to the hotel for dinner. Paolo, Darren and I spend a little more time watching the premier league matches and soon enough we’re all in bed at our tents, wondering what’s in hold for us tomorrow while dreaming about today’s magical day.


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