“Look Good, Feel Good”

You have obviously seen this phrase or at least heard it somewhere. Fitness ads, skin care products, plastic surgeons constantly use it and the list goes on. So why are they all using this phrase until it is embedded into our brains? What does it all mean?


First, I would just like to point out that the cosmetics industry and the likes are just saying that phrase to bring them some money of course. That said I believe there is more to it then just a way to get money. I believe that for some people good looks and confidence are linked together in their brains, it is just the way they are, the way they think.  I believe that in order for them to feel good about themselves they need to look good.  Many people would admit that they are depressed simply because they do not like the way they look and a lot more of people would admit there are very conscious about the way they look but this is normal.  Everybody would like to look at their best and many people would admit to the fact that they do not want to look like Barbie or The Hulk, they just want to feel good.


For some people it is not easy to have the confidence, charisma or simple life as they think their fellow handsome/beautiful friends or colleagues have.  It is hard for them and following my observations of some of these people I’ve noticed that every single one of them who have decided to hit the gym, exercise and/or participate in activities, every single one of them have decided to turn their life around have felt much better afterwards.  They immediately feel great even if they have not reached their targets or succeeded they feel good about getting something done.  I guess it is just all about a person’s mental state but with the constant advertisements and bullies harassing them; all the pressure mounting on their shoulders are they the ones to blame?


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