Everything Happens For A Reason

Have you ever wondered what your destiny is? Or what your future has in store for you? Life is a series of events, of your events; philosophers, scientists and the general public struggle hard to figure out why we are on this earth and how life started but what really makes people wonder is the following question- what are we here for? What are we supposed to do? I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I strongly believe in destiny, which is what these several ‘reasons’ lead to.

Have you ever hated a certain phase in your life and then later on realised that you are grateful it happened?  That it has made you a better person and you wouldn’t be the same person you are if you hadn’t experienced it? Living these short sixteen years, I look back at my life and feel as if someone has it all planned out for me. I have this feeling someone or something is there saying “Ok this bit comes here and then this happens” and so on. I also realised that if I didn’t live through a certain bit of my life then a lot of following events wouldn’t have happened. These sequence of events that are connected in my life is the main reason why I believe everything happens for a reason.

Life is extremely complicated; no one understands life completely. Things seem to happen randomly and for no apparent reason. I believe life relies on a tremendously delicate system, so delicate that a minor glitch in the system can cause havoc. Things definitely happen for a reason, the reason itself is not known until later stages through one’s life. These reasons cause a set of results in life; such results and reasons control the fragile system of life, your life and mine.

Other people may think that events in one’s life happen merely by coincidence or that the series of events were caused by certain choices taken but I believe that it’s because of these choices I began to believe everything happens for a reason. For example, it’s because you chose to do something and then followed it by something else that the other things in your life happened. Life is way too complex for people to think that it is just a matter of chance.

In my opinion, life is not simple to understand. Coincidence in other words is ‘by accident’ and life is no accident so I definitely, without doubt, believe that everything that happens in life is for a reason. Life is like a set of dominoes placed one after the other; each falling over hitting the one after it, what’s inevitable will happen.


3 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. I booked a week off work and my bike wheel axel breaks good time to fall off time to fix it now. I go online look for prices to fix come across that someone writes pick up a book go to page 73 paragraph 2 etc. Bit random but me thinks ok find a Book has a few lines then it says something bad will happen tomorrow so im like not funny. I go bank the next day and take money out of machine for my bike and i get home check account and more money has gone than i had taken out thats bad i have the card it is a savings account not for online or shoppiing or debit etc only i can get money my bank tells me come back tomorrow we will sort it so i look in book again check did it really say something bad will happen tomorrow it does i think thats bad something bad will happen again now so i go back early eager to sort it they tell me i had taken it using card from machine impossible nothing i can do so im up now and the banks near my girlfriends so i pop round cut a long story short she was cheating. Coincidence or happened for a reason? and im not looking in that evil book again lol Do you believe in spirit guides?

    1. I don’t really believe in spirit guides but I believe in instinct. Sometimes before doing something I get a feeling that it’s not going to end well, for example, something as simple as a football match, before the game starts I would think “oh no I have a bad feeling about this” and the team I support would lose. Simple things like that makes me believe that our instinct capabilities are really great. Quite a few scientists believe we are animals too and I think if there is one thing that animals and ourselves have in common it would be instinct- the ability to tell if something wrong/bad is going to happen. Things happen for a reason, the problem is discovering the reason. It takes time, a lot of time, years and it also takes experience/knowledge. In a way though this “everything happens for a reason” topic can be looked at as spirit guides. You can’t really deny that there is a possibilty that there is a spirit guide in our life “telling” us not to do a certain thing but to do another. As for your situation, I personally have no reason to believe in spirit guides, if someone is looking out for us I would just believe it was God although I don’t see what is wrong in believing in spirit guides.

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