Hello I Am Society

Hello I am society; I tell you how you should look,

Because I am the future and it is I that you mistook.

Forget about you’re favourite clothes or what you liked best,

So agree with me, do as I tell and forget about the rest.


Hello I am society; I tell you how you should feel,

And if you say I am wrong I will not hesitate to make you squeal.

I suppress any individuality to secure my own future,

And end anyone’s life who tried to be a moocher.


Hello I am society; you cannot disobey me,

If you try to do so, how silly would that be!

I tell you who you are and what you should be,

Some try, but never succeed to flee.


Hello I am society; I categorise you into different groups,

To start my own little army, now listen to me my troops!

I tear apart your family and control what you listen to,

I lie about what is right and tell you that it is true.


Hello I am society; this is not the end of my story,

I am here to take away from your country- its extraordinary glory!



2 thoughts on “Hello I Am Society

  1. A salaam alay kum Marwan,

    I loved reading your poem – it is really good mash’Allah. Certainly gives me something to think about and is very insightful. can’t wait to read another one!


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