Dream Vacation

Describe a memorable journey.

 My eyes adjust to my surroundings, a savanna. The sun is setting now, emitting rays that bounce off the Earth’s atmosphere creating a collage of colours. The sapphire blue mixed with the blood-red and magical purple at the horizon, injecting a sense of excitement into the air. The emerald-green grass radiated its beauty, attracting all sorts of animals to its circle of a safe haven.

A heavenly scent of nectar fills the air and lingers on my nostrils; whole fields of various, colourful, beautiful flowers busily create the scent that can attract bees that are miles away. Mountains tower over the area, protecting us from outsiders, creating a sense of warmth and comfort. As the sun finally set, darkening the area but not its beauty, the crickets came to life. They orchestrated harmonious melodies that could drift a person, who just woke up, back to sleep. Strokes of purple outline the lit up mountain, it truly is a painter’s masterpiece.

 Lionesses carried their cubs and followed their lions back to a safe area, whose ruby-red manes demanded attention from the casual observer. Elephants grey skin shone through the dark, reflecting the moon’s light as if it were a mirror. Deer swift through the endless golden-yellow fields to a safe area, galloping and skipping through with ease. Their eyes reflected innocence and their soft brown coat let any living thing know how harmless they are. Hyenas sneak, slide and slew in search of such helpless prey and the remains of other unfortunate animals.

 The moon seemed to gaze in admiration at its piece of art, it is the painter. The air was so fresh and clean that you could almost taste it on your tongue as if it were water. And just like water we unwillingly flowed back to our source.


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