Losing to Win

Over the course of my young life I’ve heard a piece of advice, several times, from the greatest winners of all time that has went something a little like this ‘When you win or perform in an average way in anything in your life you have to lose at some point and you have to lose big’. The advice was definitely not telling everyone to try to lose every once in a while but it was just saying that sometimes you need to lose in life. Sometimes when you’re doing well or ‘ok’ you need to lose big to realise that you need to push yourself and work even harder than before. For example, as a student I usually get B and above in my grades but at least once in a year or a subject I perform badly and therefore I realise that I have to push myself harder and what I was doing earlier was not good enough. It helps me perform better and do my best to avoid it happening again and so I just dust myself off and pick myself off the ground and do much better in the next exams to prove to myself that it was just a bad day. So what my point in the end is sometimes ‘winning’ a lot sometimes gives a person this disgusting ego and over confidence that only losing can destroy. It leaves a bitter taste in our mouthes but it’s a great reminder that we have to work harder to achieve greater things.


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