I Am

The poem I sent in for the English Literature Competetion in Dubai about identity.

I Am

I am cautious, careful and curious;

Barely serious and rarely furious.

I am patient, playful and passionate.

Although it’s painful I am compassionate.

I am a Sagittarius, stubborn but soft.

I lose lots of things that are probably somewhere in a loft.

I am always absent in my own planet

And have trouble spelling pomegranate.

 I am a thinker, a reader currently growing

I rarely assume without knowing.

I am a defender of my rights and my opinions.

I also think it’d be great if I had millions of minions.

When there is pressure I can get nauseous

And I am certainly far from flawless.

I am a sore loser but only because I love to win

And I’ll stay with you through thick or thin.


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