Collection of Innovative Poetry

The Planets Will All Align Tonight

The planets will all align tonight

Planets will all align tonight the

Will all align tonight the planets

All align tonight the planets will

Align tonight the planets will all

Tonight the planets will all align

The planets will all align tonight

Galaxies swirl like the sea

Swirl like the sea galaxies

Like the sea galaxies swirl

The sea galaxies swirl like

Sea galaxies swirl like the

Galaxies swirl like the sea

Suns and stars dance around each other

And stars dance around each other suns

Stars dance around each other suns and

Dance around each other suns and stars

Around each other suns and stars dance

Each other suns and stars dance around

Other suns and stars dance around each

Suns and stars dance around each other

Asteroids pepper black holes generously

Pepper black holes generously asteroids

Black holes generously asteroids pepper

Holes generously asteroids pepper black

Generously asteroids pepper black holes

Asteroids pepper black holes generously

Something Sinister

Something sinister sneaks slowly, subtly

Through those three thawed, thick

Trees, trying to take time

Away. Aghast! Awful! Awesome? Autumn.

Beautiful birds beneath bees buzzing

Loudly, loosely, longingly like love

Does. Do’s, don’ts, donuts duck

Policemen powerfully, playfully past poor

Hungry humans. Humble hounds hurt

Them, they, there there, that

Cold, crusty cruise came costly.

Dark, dusty days doom dreams

Made miraculously, mad men mentor

Bouncing bold boys before but

Soon struggle severely so save

Everyone, everything, evening, Ealing eve.

For fours fought fucking fights

Grimly, grinningly, gracefully grab grainy

Idiots, idolizers ideally idolizing idioms,

Just joking- jazzy jackpots jacked.

The Preposition Poem

Over, under, under, over

In, in, in, out

Out, out, out, out

At, to, at, to

From, above, at, to

At, to, inside, inside,

Inside, off, off, on

Behind, on, on, on,

Across, below, across, across

Beneath, beside, between, beyond

Down, down, down, past

Till, toward, till, till

Up, upon, up, upon

Within, within, with, without

Outside, out, out, out

About, out, about, about

After, after, across, across

Underneath, underneath, underneath, under

After, next, after, next

Against, along, among, around

I Am the Girl Society Thought Got Soul

I am cautious, careful and curious;

Barely serious and rarely furious.

This particular girl with colourful socks,

And her golden hair, golden locks,

Hello I am society; I tell you how you should look,

Because I am the future and it is I that you mistook.

Life’s got other plans for me and I’m starting to think I should go with the flow;

Because everything I’ve been doing looks like it’s set to blow;

My soul hurts and so a hand kills me,

What hand you may ask?

I am patient, playful and passionate.

Although it’s painful I am compassionate.

Her sea-green eyes, her delicate jaw,

Her faded freckles, I saw,

Forget about your favourite clothes or what you liked best,

So agree with me, do as I tell and forget about the rest.

I can’t control it, so I rather let go;

I’m sitting here thinking is there something I should know;

The hand that feeds me,

As you hide behind your mask,

I am a Sagittarius, stubborn but soft.

I lose lots of things that are probably somewhere in a loft.

Her pink cheekbones evident and beautifully shaped,

Not a single thing about her was misshaped,

Hello I am society; I tell you how you should feel,

And if you say I am wrong I will not hesitate to make you squeal.

I’m trying to run away from all the glitz and the glamour;

I see beauty in imperfection, that’s my kind of manner;

Say with your mouth what is in your heart,

But do not talk, listen or do anything vain,

I am always absent in my own planet

And have trouble spelling pomegranate.

Sat way ahead of me in the bus,

Her soul radiated colours that I can forever discuss,

I suppress any individuality to secure my own future,

And end anyone’s life who tried to be a moocher.

Where’s your dignity? Your self-respect?

People walk around like they carry an ‘S’ on their chest;

Purge your rusted heart,

Now the pain will stop flowing from your vein,

Poems: I Am, The Girl with the Colourful Socks, Hello I Am Society, The Power of Thought, We’ve Got Soul


Quite oblivious or

Worse, women who

Eat ears eagerly,

Rapidly, round rings

Tear through tears.

Your yellow young

Underwear united under

Intricate interested isles

Over or on

Past palaces peering

At an academy

Saving sour sons,

Daughters, don’t do

Fun for four

Guns go gay

Huns hunted hoses

Jeopardised jumping jacks

Kill keen kites

Lost long leaves

Zoos zoom zonally

Xenophobia? Xyst? Xanthophyll

Can’t call cries

Venus Vikings ventures

Beyond big bags

Not Neanderthals nor

Money move makers.


All art acts as man. An army always asks all lambs

at dark and bans bands that hand darts as harsh as law.

At dawn, many Marks’ ran far and saw that tag was at

play. All day clay jars gag hard at bay. Pans can tan

and fan land. Awkward craft damns a plant that chants

drama. A man scrawls backward grammar as daft as jam

and as small as a stanza. Black paragraphs spark charts

says an alpha craftsman. Standard vandals appal what

man says at hand. Jazz scandals jack hazy jabs and jam

lazy paws amply. Wavy hawks gawk at crazy camps

that can jar all fags. Wacky abs can carjack and

jaywalk a jackal army as a man bans all art acts.

Mother’s Day

I learned from my mother how to love

The mornings are his,

The relief of putting your fingers on the keyboard,

in case you have to rush to the hospital

like the tablecloth at breakfast.

and found a diamond

still stuck to the buds. I learned to save jars

a sweep of the spoon

as if

grieving household, to cube home-canned pears

He sings and the dishes disappear.

and the smell of sawdust was in the air,

and flick out the sexual seeds with a knife point.

he draws a circle.

as if

the deceased, to press the moist hands

Calling for more paper,

the man in the dark hat who had been following you

sympathy, as though I understood loss even then.

and like the others,

the relief

what anyone will remember is that we came.

by the unformed curve of his signature.

playing the chords of

awful pains materially like an angel.

the floats I strap to his arms.


from another’s suffering my own usefulness, and once

sweep the morning of birds.

in an afternoon when I had no one to talk to,

To every house you enter, you must offer

plunging where it’s cold,

and clean shining Republican middle-class hair

the blessing of your voice, your chaste touch.

The water from here seems flecked with gold

and left me alone


To be human in this moment, right now. Infidelities in which Milan Kundera addresses himself to the nature story- Ms Morrison has woven. Among whose out-of-balance lifestyle leads him to a near-fatal Elena to leave “infernal Sarajevo” and go to and compassion. In short an absolute treat amusing philosophical speculations. First published in 1984, Kundera’s a glittering strand of fable. Brings him into a spiritual crisis that forces him to confront believe that all was lost. The diary of a girl called Nao. Riding the waves was at once hailed by critics as a contemporary classic. That surveys nearly a century of American history as it fulfilment, he embarks upon an extraordinary odyssey to only in Sarajevo. No other city, Zlaja felt, could the ocean. It will change the life ‘there are novels that are tragic, or entertaining, and this one is both. ‘Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon grips as a novel of release the potential of his mind, body, and soul and learns the fragile world of Zlaja’s things underpins this it might just change yours, too. The reader to reassess his own life and attitudes’. Victoria Glendinning, ‘no dreams or tricks, no potions or superstitions, no ancient spiritual wisdom of the East with contemporary life in a city under siege. Hard-edged and ethereal ‘the Unbearable Lightness of being is a work of the boldest mastery, weaves her spell of black America singing its past’. Step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, is a child of Sarajevo who remained in the city.

Books used in order-

A Tale for the Time Being- Ruth Ozeki

The Unbearable Lightness of Being- Milan Kundera

Song of Solomon- Toni Morrison

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin S. Sharma

Sarajevo Marlboro- Miljenko Jergovic


The authority fine-tunes the low desire.

When does the family diversify the squealing taste?

The attraction reorganizes the telling start.

The flippant flame interacts the body.

The abashed mind taught the polish.

How does the acoustic company orchestrate the mist?

Why does the experience categorize the low discussion?

The super organisation gathers the stitch.

The purpose offsets the disgust.

The dispensable stone fortifies the story.

The harmonious sand drew the porter.

When does the stitch preserve the aback profit?

The note judges the male debt.

The colossal record detects the process.

The friend specializes the questionable blood.

The jelly classifies the sign.

The hearing explains the gaudy tax.

The instrument releases the ajar edge.

When does the unit familiarize the hollow trouble?

The smoke sold the memory.

Why does the fiction define the vulgar help?

The big amusement study’s the fire.

The tendency visits the reading

The jelly participates the cluttered apparatus.

The chalk influences the learned fear.

When does the volatile thunder conciliate the father?


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