Collection of Poems

I will

I will sail through the stormiest seas of my mind

only on a fishing boat of hope

I will dive into the depths of my troubles

only with my heart on my sleeve

I will release the light of my soul into the darkness of the world

only by being honest with myself

I will, I will, I will

Forgive me

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

I have doubted and hurt

I have fought and argued

I have destroyed and broken

I haven’t loved or forgiven

I haven’t helped or supported

I haven’t encouraged or aided



You guess she’d look even cuter in her lingerie

But it’s probably a little safer to say

I like your eyes and the way they shine’

Instead you keep to yourself, staying in line.

You think Matt has been drinking too much lately,

You’re worried it’s affecting his life maybe.

He cheated yet reassured you everything’s fine

So you keep to yourself, staying in line.

You stare at the coffin right in front of you.

You never told him, you hoped he knew

That good guys like him come one in every nine,

You had to keep to yourself; you had to stay in line.

These are the things people don’t say

You only get one chance, don’t throw it away.


Malik was a young, light-hearted king

Who never wore a crown nor a ring.

He was a kind, merciful soul

Who only ever had one goal

To protect and prosper with his people

And treat everyone as his equal.

One day, however, he called out to the Gods

To help the love of his life beat her odds.

The Gods remained silent,

Malik grew more violent.

His mind started to fill with hatred until

It all went into his heart, in for the kill.

One day, in all his gloom and despair

Malik was made aware

That a poor old man sought his aid

To help his sick child but Malik wasn’t swayed.

I pray for mercy from the Gods”

To which Malik laughs and nods

The Gods have no mercy

That’s why they are Gods”.


I watch you move and I start to believe

The cliche statements about love

That I used to find silly and cheesy

I used to think love was this intense, crazy, uncontrollable feeling

But when I’m with you, I’m at peace, I’m calm

Nothing matters

I’m just a bundle of energy floating on a rock

that twists and turns through space

But I float with you and

We fall into each other like puzzle pieces


Lips perfectly sculptured and plump like peaches,

Taste sweeter than honey busy bees have buzzed to create.

Whenever I say something silly they spread across your face

Enlightening the room, making you glow like a firefly.

No verbs or similes could ever do it justice

But I hope this would suffece

I mean suffice, either way they’re too nice

Like a hot day with lemonade and ice.

Crows feet, your eyes shine,

Fine like wine from 1949.

Sometimes you spoil me and let your teeth show,

Crooked teeth can’t even spoil your glow.


You are the universe

you’ve got galaxies of thoughts

stars freckled on your skin

i’ll follow you like the moon

while the sun is in your eyes

you run saturn rings around me

you’re a black hole and you swallow me whole


I choose to write down how I feel

This paper will never understand the ocean inside my head

Yet I blot and bruise it with ink that seeps from my pen

I hold the universe inside of me

Complex thoughts and emotions swivel in my head

Even though I know I can choose how I feel

Perception can be a deadly thing

Yet I continue to stab my book with false and negative energy

Knowing that-

There are poems inside of me that paper can’t handle.

There’s beauty in taking ones self apart

I constantly can’t comprehend my own behaviour

Passively walking down a path that i did not intend

Severely stressing about my next move

I’m the king but it’s checkmate

My mind’s a clock and I don’t tick right

If life was a dance, I’d be awfully off key

I fear being misunderstood

I’m just looking for what’s right

I feel late to my own fate

I’d bet against myself in my own fight

I hate how average I feel

Fuck I’m sick of talking to myself

I live on my own planet

I selfishly don’t share it with anyone

Disappointed rooted deep down inside me

but I’m used to being cut short.


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