Hello Sri Lanka!

24th May- Unawatuna

Today wasn’t as easy going as it was planned to be. The day was to be spent at Galle Fort; sight-see, walk around for a bit then head back home for a nap to make up for the lack of sleep and then have dinner to call it a day. Practically, it turned out to be more energy and time consuming than we thought; things didn’t work out as simple as was intended.

We woke up at 8:30am for a lovely breakfast served by our host- toast served with butter and jam to spread, fruits that included papaya, watermelon and bananas, lastly, eggs followed to fill our tummies up. We were accompanied by our hosts dog who was a very friendly mutt, patiently waiting for us to finish eating to play with him. After breakfast we called a Tuk Tuk to take us to the reputable Galle Fort.

When we arrived our driver instructed us to say no to any guides that offered us tours and informed us to simply follow the path around the fort if we wished to explore. At the start of it I had no idea that path was long and it was only when I turned a corner that I could see its length. It spiralled along the coast, guiding you to the lighthouse that sat tall across from a mosque.

The path along Galle Fort

At this time of day, the sun appeared determined to leave its mark on us. The walk was tiring and wasn’t helped by our several pauses to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Green trees meshed into sapphire seas while the salty air carried us along our journey. We were met by the occasional Komodo Dragon and street seller. I, of course, had to get a king coconut to drink while we walked.

After a bunch of panoramas, time lapses and slow-mo’s we reached the famed Galle Lighthouse. By this point it was noon-time to eat. We researched last night for places to eat and settled upon Crepe-ology. It was a six minute walk and deeper in the city than we were before. Both sides of almost all the streets were lined with souvenir shops, places to eat and tea shops. Naturally we were drawn into all three.


After we managed to escape the shops without buying anything, we headed in and upstairs for our crepe brunch.  A jug of iced tea naturally accompanied this food and heat. After we left with fuller bellies and cooler bodies, we failed ourselves and bought all sorts of souvenirs. There’s only so many souvenir shops you can avoid before being tempted in.

Post cards, elephant patterned objects and genie trousers were the order of the day. It was as if each shop had different items compared to the other. A rich man would’ve gone broke walking down one street. Now after being so deep in the fort it was time to find our way back to where we came from for our Tuk Tuk. We wandered around semi-purposefully, semi-lost, wanting both to explore but to go home at the same time. Eventually we find our way and leave at around 2pm.

Once at home, our sweat patches indicated the need to clean up. A quick rinse would have to do as we planned to make use of the hosts pool and go in for a dip. Once again we had company but this time it was by more dogs who were in an even more playful mood.


After we were done swimming for far more than we intended, we sun dried ourselves and headed back in to rest a little before planning our next day. Thoughts of food started to come up as our bellies began to rumble; we needed to figure out how we were going to silence it. A little rest and a change of clothes later, we were soon storming down the road back to Galle Fort in a Tuk Tuk. Tonights mission was to eat delicious burgers at The Rocket Burger and it was fair to say mission accomplished.

The place was small and sandwiched between two souvenirs shops. In fact, it couldn’t resist selling postcards to tourists itself. The menu consisted of typical American burgers with the quirky names to match. I ordered a ‘Grandma’ and headed upstairs to sit on their bench which overlooks the road we just walked on. We people-watched until our food came and couldn’t resist an ice cream before calling a Tuk Tuk home. However, before we headed home, a pit stop at the supermarket was needed to buy essentials.

Tonights plan was to watch Osmosis Jones, shower and get a good nights rest. Tomorrows itinerary wasn’t going to be as merciful as todays was.


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